ABC’s The Bachelorette Screens Live Tweets During Broadcast

For the first full season, ABC’s addictive romance reality hit The Bachelor is screening a live stream of tweets during each episode.

Response to the social integration, which debuted during the final few episodes of last season, has been mixed.

The integration of social media into live broadcasting is a hot topic lately, with networks from HBO to ESPN taking part. And with the rollout of Twitter TV Ad Targeting, those partnerships are only bound to proliferate.

But some fans of the show aren’t fans of the live tweets:

That tweet appeared at the bottom of the TV screen during last episode’s airing, in response to which another fan tweeted:


As a viewer of the show (don’t make fun of me), I do find it a bit distracting to read the tweets while listening to the actual show. Second screen TV viewers would have the live stream of tweets up on their coffee table anyway, wouldn’t they?

Although, it is important to note that the filters ABC is using to curate the comment stream do more than just track mentions of the show’s or ABC’s Twitter handles. As is best practice with social listening, they’re searching for any mention of or reference to the show at all (see above for two examples).

What do you think about networks streaming tweets on air during shows? Distracting or complementary?