ABSOLUT, Tanduay Rhum, Gentleman Jack and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for wine and spirit pages

ABSOLUT is this week’s top gaining wine and spirit page in the People Talking About This metric. The page has seen a 3 million increase in engagements, likely merging multiple pages into a single global page.

This list of top gaining wine and spirit pages is compiled with PageData, which tracks page growth and engagement across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1    ABSOLUT 3,060,075 0 +3,060,029
2    Tanduay Rhum official 48,851 0 +45,087
3    Gentleman Jack 50,270 0 +32,466
4    Ricard 56,586 0 +28,462
5    Johnnie Walker 37,833 0 +25,102
6    Malibu Rum 82,688 0 +20,972
7    Jack Daniel’s México 35,046 0 +17,220
8    Disaronno 40,873 0 +17,164
9    Jack Daniel’s Tennessee W… 123,758 0 +16,996
10    Johnnie Walker Thailand 53,205 0 +15,379

For alcoholic beverage pages, it is possible to set a page to only be visible for users above the age of 21. However, if a page has not set this restriction yet, it can impact the page’s total page likes and engagements. The page also has a separate page that is not global, but specific for the US which has less fans and engagements. ABSOLUT would be smart to merge this page to bolster its page likes as well as its PTAT.

Many of the pages in the top 10 are region specific, which can be difficult to maintain for smaller global brands. For example, the Johnnie Walker US page may have zero interaction with Johnnie Walker Thailand page which are placed at numbers 5 and 10 respectively. Once merged, the pages can then focus on targeting their specific segment  but boast global engagement stats.

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ABSOLUT banner image courtesy of ABSOLUT’s Facebook page.

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