Access Files On Your PC From Android Phones with HomePipe

I have written several posts lately about online, or cloud-based, file storage services that you can use with a mobile phone. If you have files on your PC that you want to make accessible but you don’t want to store them on another company’s servers, you can use a program called HomePipe to provide access to files on your PC. HomePipe provides iPhone and Android apps. Earlier today Todd wrote about the iPhone version of this app.

To use HomePipe you need to sign up for an account, then install an application on the computer that has the files you want to access. HomePipe has applications for Windows and Macintosh computers. After you install and run the application, you sign-on to the HomePipe service, and the application continues to run. To access files from your phone, you run the iPhone or Android app, log on to HomePipe and select your PC. The communications between the phone and your PC is encrypted to keep your files secure.

To access the files the PC or Mac needs to be running, so the downside is that to use HomePipe to access files at any time, the computer needs to be constantly running. You will also lose access to the files if the computer goes into a suspend or stand by mode.

The Android app was released today, and there are free and $2.99 premium versions in the Android Market, however, there is no information about the differences between them to justify the premium price. Even if you don’t want to keep your PC continually running, HomePipe can be a useful tool for those times when you know you might need something on your PC while away.

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