‘Accessible Books for Texas’ Launched with Funding from the Texas Education Agency

Benetech, operator of Bookshare content distributor for the print disabled, recently announced a new contract with the state of Texas.

It’s going to run a training program for K-12 educators in Texas which will help them find educational resources they can use with their disabled students. Benetech will help teachers gain a broader understanding of what digital accessible books are, how they can help students to succeed and how to obtain and use the accessible materials. This project will be called “Accessible Books for Texas” (ABT).

For students with print disabilities, such as blindness/low vision or specific physical or learning disabilities, Texas educators will be guided to obtain digital accessible books from Bookshare, Benetech’s established online accessible library. Benetech will launch a completely separate service to provide digital books to students who qualify in Texas to receive accessible instructional materials but who do not qualify under the Chafee Amendment for membership in Bookshare.

image by Old Shoe Woman

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