Achtung! German Kindle Store Opens

So it’s finally happened. The long anticipated  German Kindle Store is open.

Following the US and the UK, this is the third native Kindle Store. It’s selling the K3 direct from, as well as 650 thousand eBooks with 25 thousand German language titles. Prices are a little ridiculous but no surprise. Amazon converted the US price for the K3 one for one into Euros.

Amazon has also re-released the iOS apps with a new German interface, as well as updating the Kindle4PC and Mac apps with the new German language interface.

Due to the delay in getting  the German Kindle Store up and running,  some titles had been available for a while now through the international Kindle Store. So today’s launch was really no surprise if you’d been paying attention.

The next question on your mind should be this: how long until the French, Spanish, and Italian Kindle Stores open? We already know that Amazon is hiring staff and signing publishers, so it’s probably only a matter of time.

via BuchReport