Actor Kirk Cameron Can’t Be Photographed Alone With A Woman – Even if She is Just a Reporter

If you’re female and your heartthrob is actor Kirk Cameron, you better check your hormones at the door because he won’t take one of those goofy “Here I am with a strange female I’ve never met before” photographs.

While at CPAC yesterday, Cameron was quite the standout star. But like many actors, he has demands. In his case, it’s more like a hard and fast rule. At one point the Washington Examiner‘s gossip scribe Nikki Schwab was interviewing him. TWT‘s Senior Opinion Editor Emily Miller approached to take a picture of Cameron and Schwab and his people physically pushed her and blocked the shot (above is the blurry shot she wound up getting). “I said, people he’s not that important,” Miller vented back in Blogger’s Row at the Wardman Park Hotel. And they told her, “He can’t be photographed alone with a woman.”

Later on, a woman came into Blogger’s Row and shouted that any reporter wishing to interview Cameron in the next 24 hours needs to set it up in advance. Miller remarked wryly, “There was less ado when Rick Perry walked in here.”

Though Cameron’s handlers wouldn’t offer specifics, here’s what we know. Cameron, a Christian evangelist, operates a ministry called The Way of the Master. He created The Firefly with his wife, Chelsea Noble, who is an obvious exception to the no photographs with random females rule. Once an atheist, midway through TV’s “Growing Pains” he became a born again Christian and refused story lines he considered too racy.