Ad Man Rants Against The Industry, Disguises As Ebay Auction

Thanks to Agencyspy we’ve seen what happens when creative directors and those they direct hit a rough patch:

Ed Burgoyne, a freelance ad professional (or at least someone claiming to be Ed), has put up on eBay two pieces of “NYC advertising history,” a jacket from W+K and a bag from TAXI.

“This messenger bag is/was a “bonus,” for both me and you, since that’s all they handed out that year during the Holidays,” he says in the description.

The auction is at $20 at the time of this writing. Quite the deal for a “crappy (but warm)” coat and a messenger bag that “will fit a macbook air, or a macbook, or a few moleskin sketch books filled with ideas and concepts that will never get produced and some flash drives.”

“Items were worked hard for, although there may be some embedded tears on the right sleeve. I’m not saying these tears came from one single random event working for one particular ad agency, but it may have been from the realization that I would have to work yet another holiday weekend producing some concept that was given to me on a cocktail napkin by an ECD in a half drunken/stoned state (sent via iphone no less) who was partying at some new hip club while I was just about to leave the office. Oh, and yes, I still love advertising, working those long hours and producing ideas from crazy ECDs and creative teams, just take this stuff away from me, its been cluttering the hall closet.”