Adam Carolla’s Mangria Lands Esquire Review

Adam Carolla is a jack of all trades.

The former carpenter turned media and podcast giant is now diving into the world of alcohol with the release of Mangria, a spinoff of the popular sangria beverage that he concocted one night at home while searching for a way to get buzzed with whatever he could find in the house.

Matthew Kitchen of Esquire cracked open a bottle of the powerful drink (20.9 percent alcohol content) and shared his thoughts on Carolla’s latest endeavor:

At first whiff, Mangria smells like that sticky red punch that paints the corners of a child’s mouth a birthday party. To be honest, the taste isn’t much more masculine. Apparently the “Man” part comes from the alcohol content, which tops out at 20.9 percent, or about eight percent above what you get from your standard wine bottle.

Mangria calls itself a wine that boasts “aromas of plum, cherry, blackberry, orange, and citrus.” But it’s fooling absolutely no one. This is a stiff drink that goes down easy because it doesn’t taste much like alcohol. And therein lies the problem: It isn’t so much a way to unwind after work as it is the fastest road I’ve found to forgetting I have adult responsibilities. Fans sometimes refer to it as “college in a bottle.”

Mangria isn’t for everyone. It’s not available in stores, the shipping is cost-prohibitive, and the hangover isn’t much fun. All that said, should I be drinking Mangria? Absolutely. Because, for all its faults — including a Tropicana aftertaste — I think it’s fking delicious.

It’s always the ones where you can’t taste the alcohol that are the most dangerous.

Anything Carolla sets his mind too turns out to be a success, so I’m sure Mangria will become his latest hit.