Add Facebook Friends To Your Real Wall

In case seeing your Facebook friends on computer screen isn't enough, you can reproduce their likenesses on a poster through a new offering from Zone 5.

While it may not be as serious a commitment as a tattoo of Facebook friends (even if it was a hoax), users of the social network who admire their online companions enough to devote wall space to them (as in physical wall, not Facebook wall) might be interested in, a new offering from Zone 5. allows you to create posters featuring thumbnails of their Facebook friends, simply by connecting to the app via Facebook, selecting a poster size, and using PayPal to pay for it.

Posters are available as 22-inch-by-34-inch wall posters for $29.99, 10-by-58 locker posters for the same price, or in custom sizes.

The wall poster can display up to 551 friends (pictures will be duplicated randomly if the customer has fewer than 551), and the total for the locker poster is 408.

How does it stack up to the competition? Social Print Studio offers a 20-by-40 friend poster for $25, with the option of a digital copy for an additional $7, as well as a Facebook album poster, featuring users’ photos that were uploaded to the social network (75-150 are recommended), for the same price.

The posters go on high-quality paper stock, using the HP Z6100 professional poster printer; customized orders print on other materials, including lamination, mounting, banner stands, trade-show graphics, and banners.

Zone 5 Web Strategist Spencer Raggio said in an email to us:

Somehow, we managed to time the site launch, almost to the day, to Facebook’s rollout of smart friend lists. So, as you can imagine, that’s got us fired up, as well and we’re working on ways to integrate those lists, allowing people with significant numbers of friends to select by list. That’s phase two, anyway.

Since photos remain the most popular feature on Facebook, it makes some sense for novelty items based on the site’s content to involve images; getting them in poster format provides an alternative to separately printing out lots of pictures.

Raggio added that AllFacebook readers who are interested in ordering from can apply discount code “kiwi” for a savings of $5.

Readers, do you think your Facebook friends ought to be in pictures — on your wall, locker or elsewhere? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.