Adobe Flash & AIR Coming to Android: But, I Don't Need Either One

It looks like Adobe Flash is coming to Google’s Android mobile platform whether I like it or not.

Adobe unveils Flash for Android (Venturebeat)

Adobe released a “test” version of Flash 10.1 for the beta release of Android OS 2.2 (Froyo). Venturebeat reported that Adobe is planning to focus on Adobe Air applications (which are relies on Flash) for mobile platforms. So, here’s my question: What Adobe Air app do you really need on your mobile phone?

The only two Air apps I regularly use are Twhirl (abandoned by Seesmic in favor of their other apps) and Stratus. However, I don’t need another Twitter client or weather app for my Android phones. So, I don’t need any Air apps ported to Android.

And, don’t count on Adobe Flash 10.1 for Android letting you watch TV shows on Hulu. Hulu is blocking mobile platforms.

Games might be the one selling point for Flash and Air on mobile platforms. But, I’m not looking forward to the typically gigantic and slow Flash apps I see on desktop computers appear on my battery powered phone.