Adobe Friending Android

For good or bad, Android is becoming the Adobe mobile device. As the fallout from the tussle between Adobe and Apple has lead Adobe to give up developing for the iPhone, it has focused Adobe’s attention on Android. Andy Rubin, Google VP of Engineering for Android, wrote on Adobe’s Featured blog that Google is excited that Adobe will be bringing both AIR and Flash to Android.

AIR is Adobe’s runtime environment for web applications. With it developers can write applications using web tools like AJAX and Flash that will run outside of a web browser. The beauty of AIR is that it allows the same program code to run on multiple platforms. One of the most known applications that runs within AIR is TweetDeck, and it runs on OS X, Windows, and Linux. An AIR runtime for Android means that web developers can now target their apps for Android phones. Once AIR is available for Android I expect we will see a number of apps that use AIR appear in the Android Market.

The public betas of the Android versions of Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2.0 are nearly available, and you can sign up to check them out. For a preview of what will become available once AIR is released for Android, watch the following YouTube video: