Adobe: “Marketing is Bullsh*t.”

Adobe's Marketing Cloud aims to “help marketers solve complex digital business challenges.”

Adobe’s October rebranding of Marketing Cloud–its end-to-end digital marketing and analytics solution–coincides with the launch of Adobe TV’s “Metrics, Not Myths” campaign.

The campaign includes a video called “BS Dectector” in which Internet marketers receive electric shocks to the brain each time they use marketing buzzwords and phrases like “halo-effect,” “closed-loop marketing,” “likes” and “click through rates.”

Putting aside for the moment the potential ethical dilemma of a detached experimenter administering electro-shocks to participants between sips of coffee (remember Milgram?)–and resigning ourselves to the fact that even advertising and PR giants like Edelman have yet to move beyond post-modern sensibilities–most of us would still applaud a message calling for the end of tired marketing speak.

The video’s tagline, “Buzzwords are painful. Get real results,” captures a growing disdain for industry professionals who rely on overused terminology in an attempt to persuade, inadvertently taking away from, rather than building, their credibility.

Metrics, Not Myths features a video series and live debate Facebook Myth Challenge app asking “How do we prove the value of marketing?” and a Twitter chat with the hashtag #socialvalue.

Marketing Cloud aims to “help marketers solve complex digital business challenges.” Its Facebook page shares information and offers suggestions and tips on digital strategy and includes posts from a Buzzword dictionary with the hashtag #Metricsnotmyths. Sadly, few of its nearly 50,000 fans are engaging with the content.

Marketing Cloud reviews are generally positive. G2 Crowd rates it 3 out of 5 stars while reviewers give it 4 ½ stars. Some users find it slower and harder to use than alternatives such as Google Analytics, and the price tag is considerably higher than existing products.

On the positive side, users cite the ability to integrate social campaigns into the app itself, advanced bid rules that can be applied across engines, excellent performance reporting, functionality updates and access to all Adobe products available on a subscription basis.