Adobe Set to Announce Flash for Every Major Phone Platform Except the iPhone (Keep it off the iPhone, please!)

Way back in June, I wrote…

Flash 10 Coming to Mobile Phones in October: Slow Heavy Mobile Flash Ads to Follow?

It looks like Adobe is close to making good on their promise. According to…

Adobe Extends Full Flash To Just About Every Phone But The iPhone

paidContent reports that Adobe will announce its availability for Windows Mobile and Palm webOS later this year with public betas for Google Android and Symbian OS early in 2010.

I’m not looking forward to seeing heavy (lots of bits) slow Flash based mobile websites appear anytime soon. And, I’m guessing that AT&T Wireless’ network managers live in fear of Adobe Flash web pages further saturating a network already overwhelmed by iPhone data traffic.

I would gladly trade never having Flash for the iPhone if AT&T would provide 3G tethering 🙂