Adornably app looks to reimagine design experience

One of the most difficult aspects of buying a new piece of furniture is trying to envision how the new couch or table will look in your home or office. It’s one thing to take measurements and color samples, but it’s something else to actually see the item in the exact location you are hoping to place it.

This is where the innovative new app Adornably comes into play, as you can actually take a picture of your own space then view the furniture you hope to buy in a truly 3-D, photorealistic world, moving the object within the app and around the room to help personalize the home design experience in ways that I’ve never seen before.

The app is extremely easy to use, and I was seriously amazed by how great the pictures of furniture looked while I rotated lamps and positioned new desks around my office. The furniture is automatically set to scale, and I can see this as a must-have for anyone looking to add a little flair from their living room to the kid’s bedroom.

All you have to do is place a magazine down on the floor while you snap a quick pic of the room in question, and this magazine then helps scale the new furniture you’ll be adding in later. Then it’s off to a menu of selections, including couches, desks, tables, and lamps, and after you select what you’d like to view, you simply tap the area of the picture on your iPad, and the furniture automatically appears. You can move items around, find the perfect fit, then purchase the new piece of furniture straight from the app.

“You’ve seen apps that use augmented reality in different ways, but not only are they usually hard to use, they just look too virtual,” says Marc Lebovitz, Adornably’s CEO. “You’re putting virtual objects into a scene, but it looks more like a video game than reality. So what we’ve done is try to up the quality. When you see our app, you’re able to tell the difference with the visuals we produce. When you see our scene, it just looks realistic, and that’s a huge differentiating factor for us.”

Rooms can be designed that are completely empty of furniture, or you can use the app to add furniture to a room already full of desks and couches. One cool thing I played around with was actually finding a chair for my desk, and because everything fits to scale, I was able to see what chairs not only looked best in the office, but fit best in the space. And with all furniture searchable by room type, furniture type, style, color, or price, you really have everything you need at your fingertips to either purchase your new room right away, or save to share later with those influential friends or family members who might just have that keen eye for style you’re looking for.

“We added a chair and a lamp to a photo using our app and posted it to Facebook, and most people couldn’t even tell what was really in the room and what was virtual,” says Lebovitz. “Buying furniture can be a painful process. You can sit on something and feel it, but you just don’t know what it will look like in your space. And if you go online, all you have are a couple of product shots, and since most furniture has a no return policy, it’s difficult to commit to buying something.

“But if you could see the furniture in a photorealistic way and play with it and share it and get people to give their opinions about it, it becomes a different process. It also becomes a lot more fun because you can try out all of these new styles that you normally might not try. But with the app, you can figure it all out and you’ll be designing your own space in no time.”