AdParlor’s SuperSafe Ads Aim To Pass Facebook Inspection

Facebook has not only been disabling ad networks that run ads that somehow misuse user data or mislead users, it has been disabling applications that run those ad networks. To help developers avoid the risk of getting shutdown for a rogue ad, the social ad network AdParlor is introducing a new “SuperSafe” ad option, designed to pass any inspection by Facebook.

For now, SuperSafe only includes only ads from major platform developers — Playdom, Zynga, Zoosk and other companies that run the same ads on Facebook itself. The hope is that anything Facebook would run, a third party could run as well without fear of getting taken down. Fazal says the company is looking to extend this program to brand advertisers as well.

However, with such limited and focused inventory, the ads are likely to have lower eCPMS overall.

“There are app developers out there who have decided not to show ads at all out of fear. They do not want to take the risk of being shut down” as AdParlor chief executive Hussein Fazal tells us. “So, we developed a tag such that every single ad is manually picked and approved by our team – choosing from the most reputable advertisers on the platform.”