Adrian Chen Joins Gawker Full Time

Adrian Chen, Gawker night editor and girl scout, is joining the site full time, filling the gaping void left by the recent departures of both John Cook (who’s heading to Yahoo! With an exclamation point!) and Alex Pareene (who is joining the team at Salon).

Runnin’ Scared shares this heartwarming anecdote about Chen’s time at Gawker so far:

Gawker Media owner Nick Denton recently (comically) mistook Chen and fellow night/weekend editor Maureen O’Connor for squatters and/or strangers in the Gawker offices, and kicked them out of a conference room for a meeting. A meeting that they were waiting for to start. With the rest of the Gawker staff.

We’re sure Gawker will take you off kitchen duty and allow bathroom breaks now that you’re there full time, Chen. Congrats.

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