Adroit Digital: 55% of consumers would consider replacing PC with tablet

Image via Adroit Digital

Advertising company Adroit Digital has released the results of its latest survey, aimed at measuring tablet usage and how those tablets are changing the way content is consumed. With tablet usage on the rise, the study found 55 percent of consumers would consider replacing their traditional PC with a tablet.

The study gathered responses from 1,000 adults from the US and Canada that own both a PC and a tablet. Of these respondents, women use their tablets for longer stretches of time than men, with 24 percent of women saying they spend two hours or more on their tablet each day, compared to only 15 percent of men.

The majority of respondents, 52 percent, say they use their tablets to watch TV or video, instead of watching the same content on their PC, while 50 percent use their tablets to look up information.

Respondents also indicated they are more responsive to advertising on their tablets than on PC, with 56 percent saying they would be more likely to respond to a tablet ad than a PC ad. The study found the ‘sweet spot’ for tablet ads was between 7 PM and 12 AM. Almost 39 percent of respondents said they use their tablets during that time, with 44 percent of women and 34 percent of men using tablets during those hours.

Respondents said they were most likely to respond to ads in the food and restaurants category (44 percent), followed by entertainment and gaming (41 percent) and clothing (32 percent).

Image via Adroit Digital

“We were certainly not surprised by how quickly consumers are integrating tablets into their everyday life,” said Scott German, general manager of Adroit Digital, in a statement. “What really opened our eyes was the shift in behavior resulting from this use of tablets for researching, shopping, and viewing content. If brand marketers and advertisers don’t have a plan for tablet messaging, advertising, and commerce, they can risk their brand’s relevance.”

The full report is available on Adroit’s website.

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