Ads in Mobile Games Don’t Bother Players as Much as You May Think

Research showed that 53 percent of developers don't think about monetization before a game is in development

Facebook Audience Network partnered with research company 2CV to analyze advertising in mobile games and discovered that 73 percent of gamers “are happy with the ad-funded model of app games.”

The research showed that 54 percent of the worldwide population plays mobile games at least once per month, with 55 percent of mobile gamers being female and one-in-three being over the age of 45.

When it comes to advertising to mobile gamers, the research showed that gamers are 3.5 times more likely to buy or use a product being advertised when the ads are relevant to them. In addition, gamers are 23 percent more likely to buy or use the advertised product when rewarded video ads are used, as opposed to “non-choice based advertising.” A rewarded video ad allows users to receive an in-game reward after watching the video.

The research also showed that games with rewarded video ads perform better in terms of ratings. Specifically, midcore and hardcore games containing rewarded video ads saw 15 percent more five-star ratings than games with “less choice to engage with videos.” Casual games containing rewarded video ads generated 11 percent more five-star ratings.

Finally, the research showed that 53 percent of developers don’t begin thinking about monetization until after they’ve started developing a game, and 23 percent don’t do so until they are “late in development.”

Users interested in reading the full report can do so here.

Image courtesy of Giulio_Fornasar/iStock.

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