Adventure Slots for Facebook Spins a Tale

Adventure Slots from GameHouse is a slot machine title with cinematic elements, including a progressing storyline tied into player achievements. Just today, it made No.6 on our weekly list of emerging Facebook games.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Adventure Slots currently has 341,527 monthly active users and 50,987 daily active users.

In Adventure Slots, players have access to a number of aquatically themed slot machines, which can only be unlocked for play by completing various quests. These quests require players to match a certain number of specific fish and other symbols while playing, plus complete reach certain scores and other goals, in order to complete them. The slot machines are played using coins, an allotment of which is given to players once per day, and with any remaining balance of coins from the previous day being reset instead of carried over.

Different slot machines require their own minimum bets and have their own payouts, which take the form of pearls. Pearls can be used to purchase items from the game’s store, including re-spins, score multipliers and those which make landing on special icons more likely.The game’s slot machines feature a number of special icons, one of the most central being adventure markers. Should a player complete a line of these, they’re shown a short segment of a cinematic sequence that tells the story of the game’s mascot, a fish named Macro. Unlocking more of this video also rewards players with free spins, while completing quests pays out additional coins and other bonuses. Some icons also take players to mini-games when matched.

Players can share their accomplishments on friends’ Walls, which gives their friends free play tokens if they’re also playing Adventure Slots. Players can also send free gifts to their friends who are playing the game once per day, as well as receive gifts. Additionally, players can visit their friends once per day to earn free coins. The game features a leaderboard which ranks all players based on how many quests they’ve completed, along with a friend bar that shows players friends and how many quests they’ve completed.

Adventure Slots is monetized primarily through the sale of coins to play the slot machines, and also through power-up items and the direct purchase of new quests. The game’s soft currency, pearls, can also be used to purchase power-ups. GameHouse has a number of new slot machines planned for inclusion in the game, and has recently added previews of what they’ll be to its world map screen. The developer is also continuing to make interface enhancements to the title and we expect Marco’s story to unfold in additional story content.

You can follow Adventure Slot’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.

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