Lunch is Served: AFL-CIO Speechwriter Offers Coworkers Goose Shot by Union Prez

Just before noon today Robert Struckman, editorial and speech writer for the AFL-CIO, sent an email to the public affairs department about a free goose lunch.

“Hey all, I brought smoked wild goose to the office today,” the email said. Struckman went on to explain how the goose had been prepped. “It was smoked over an apple wood fire by none other than me. It’s in the usual spot. Enjoy.”

Most shocking: Struckman explained that the goose in question had been killed by “none other” than the union network’s president Richard Trumka.

We emailed Struckman to find out about “the usual spot.” He said it’s “right in front of Donna Jablonski‘s office on the fifth floor.” Jablonski is ALF CIO’s deputy director of public affairs for publications.

Struckman told us the goose was “delicious” and quickly devoured.

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