After 17 Years, Art Lies Decided to Take a Break, Plans to Shut Down Journal and Site

Though originally founded to cover the Houston arts scene, the journal Art Lies wound up branching out over the past 17 years, covering and critiquing art goings-on around the world. Now it’s all coming to an end, with the announcement this week that they’ve decided to shut down both their print edition and publishing content on their site as of May. While referred to as “a period of hiatus and reflection,” the tone of the announcement seems to imply that after the reflection might come some additional silence. However, their spring plans will still move forward, as will the publication of perhaps their last issue. Here’s a bit from the announcement:

The Board of Directors’ decision has not come lightly. Print criticism, an increasingly precarious enterprise with the advent of digital media, has come to a crux in recent times. We have been fortunate to maintain a consistent and uncompromised output, responding to the changing dynamics of our field and readership with a diversified media presence. Today, facing the nationwide decrease in arts funding, our efforts have proven financially unsustainable.

We are proud of the distinguished organization Art Lies has become over the last seventeen years. To think of how we began as a local, grassroots photocopied publication and grew to produce an internationally circulated, multiplatform journal with a unique voice speaks to the hard work and dedication of many individuals over nearly two decades, including our contributors, Editorial Advisory Board, staff, advertisers, vendors and stakeholders.

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