Afternoon Reading List 06.19.13.

Bill Clinton is holding Hillary back — In her Bloomberg column with the headline “Hillary Has to Dump Bill Now,” Margaret Carlson examines Hillary Clinton’s “return to the living.” Carlson runs through a list of Clinton’s recent doings: unveiling her Twitter account (where she acknowledged the pantsuit), not being tan, being rested and ready and picking a “rocking photo.” The emergence of “Hillary 2.0” came at a poor time, however, during her the week long annual celebration of her husband’s Global Initiative, where she says Bill Clinton was “surrounded by his cast and on his turf.” During this period, it was Bill who made the headlines, with loose remarks about President Obama’s involvement in Syria (he said the president looked like a “wuss.”). Carlson basically states that if Clinton has any shot at the White House, she needs to learn how to control her husband.

First Couple looking to fill Friday nights — The young Obamas are growing up, and as the President said, “Now that my girls are getting older, they don’t want to spend that much time with me anyway.” So to keep him and FLOTUS from getting lonely, Peter Nicholas reported for the Wall Street Journal, President Obama is filling the couple’s time by hosting casual Friday dinner parties, which have often continued into Saturday morning. The White House did not disclose who has been invited, but according to sources familiar with the dinners, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault and Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein have all been guests at the soirées. A White House official said the couple is inviting guests not necessarily of political prominence, but any interesting people. Obama has been criticized in the past for giving Washington’s social life a cold shoulder, but he now appears to be embracing the party scene.

What kind of horses are the New Hampshire senators like?

Letter compares senators to horses — A letter to the editor published in the Concord Monitor responded to the June 14 issue of the paper. In that issue, Fox News’ Chris Wallace referenced a NY Times article about the number of TV appearances made by different politicians. The amount of times New Hampshire Sens. Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen appeared on TV greatly differed — Ayotte appeared 11 times between 2010 and June 2013, while Shaheen had not appeared once. Citing this information, Wallace said, “What makes a good guest is someone who makes news.” Responding to Wallace’s statement, the letter fired back, “Really? New Hampshire voters might want to ask themselves, ‘What makes a good senator?’ Is it a show horse or a work horse?” The letter closed with some timeless wisdom from Aesop.

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