Agawi Uses Interactive Games for Mobile Advertising

Cloud gaming platform Agawi has announced a new way for developers to advertise games across a variety of mobile apps.

The Agawi AppGlimpse program turns ads into instant game demos, providing players the interactive experience of another game in the advertising space typically reserved for more traditional pop-ups or videos.

These interactive ads, or Glimpses, can be displayed inside apps on both iOS and Android smartphones, as long as an Android version of the demo game exists. When the Glimpse ends, players are given the option to purchase the game via the App Store or Google Play before returning to their current game or application.

“Today we introduce the next generation of mobile app advertising,” said Agawi’s Rohan Relan in a statement. “To pull this off we had to solve some extremely difficult problems associated with cloud gaming, and we intend to start with game devs. The concept can be applied to all apps, but game Glimpses can show the way forward.”

Advertisers are expected to spend up to $20 billion in mobile marketing by 2015. When comparing the AppGlimspe program to a recent report from the Harvard Business Review (HBR), Agawi seems to have struck a nice balance between instant conversion and rich media advertising.

According to HBR, these sorts of interactive mobile campaigns, which rely on click-through rates and user engagement for their primary metrics, are significantly more successful than similar ads on PCs and browsers, which are more easily ignored. Samsung, for instance, recently offered a 360-degree controllable tour of its newest mobile device as a way for users to learn more about the smartphone without simply watching an ad.

“As consumers grow accustomed to using their phones for transactions that previously occurred on their desktops, they are more open to intelligent, value-driven offers and opportunities that come to them on their mobile devices,” says HBR.

As users control their own advertising experiences, the ads feel less commercial and are more likely to keep viewers engaged over the long term. With Agawi’s AppGlimpse program, developers will be able to target users that are most likely to be interested in their games, without being forced to spend money designing banner ads and video trailers. These Glimpses can even be customized in length, lasting just a few seconds, or up to two minutes, depending on the content within.

AppGlimpse is now available in private beta. Developers interested in learning more about the program can sign up for the beta on Agawi’s website.

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