AgencySpy and PRNewser Present ‘How To Get A Job In Social Media’

If you’re not readers of sister blogs AgencySpy and PRNewser then you may have missed their excellent “How To Get A Job In Social Media” series, which is quite frankly lovely.

The bloggers interviewed recruiters and hiring managers at seven PR and advertising firms to figure out what digital and social skills you need to get a job there.

Highlights follow:

“Standing out to me means that they have made a big effort to integrate themselves into social media circles, i.e., attend events, network with key influencers. One of our recent hires, an account coordinator, became friends on Twitter with a top influencer based in NYC and then reached me through that relationship.”–How to Get a Job in Social Media: Porter Novelli

“If you don’t like people, get out of social media. You have to have personality, show a little spirit and not be afraid to strike up a conversation with a stranger at a bar.”–How to Get a Job in Social Media: Carrot Creative

“However, successful social media engagement goes beyond simply having knowledge of the social media tools and key social networks – it requires an ability to understand client issues and opportunities and to think strategically on their behalf as it pertains to social media.

“This can be a delicate balancing act between knowing how to use the tools and contributing to communities of interest in a relevant way while tying efforts to measurable business results.”–How To Get a Job In Social Media: Burson-Marsteller

“There are too many social media “evangelists” or “gurus” who don’t know how to apply it to communications or marketing. We — and our clients — need folks who get both and have real experience. Most credible candidates connect with me personally via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. That used to be remarkable but now it has become a standard step that candidates ignore at their peril.”–How to Get a Job in Social Media: OgilvyPR

“We also look for candidates who have actually been involved in a SM campaign/project that has launched in the real world. This space is not very mature, so we are meeting a lot of people who live in the space and some that have possibly put together a few high-level SM strategies and creative mock-ups. SM is at that stage in its growth evolution where it’s time to move from theory to practice—theory without practice is useless for us.”–How to Get a Job in Social Media: R/GA

“For those who do fill the specialty roles, we look for people who are already well-immersed in online culture and participating in online communities. While some of these candidates come in with PR experience, we’re not necessarily requiring candidates to come from a communications or PR background.

“Bringing in an “outsider” can add fresh ideas and perspective to an industry that lives and dies by its creative output.”–How To Get a Job in Social Media: Ketchum

“Some of our strongest talent emerged from being brand ambassadors on college campuses representing various Fortune 500 brands. Through their experience working with brands such as Macy’s, Ford, Microsoft, Mountain Dew and others, they were able to get a first-hand account of how to promote a brand message through social media and grass roots efforts.”–[The Last] How to Get a Job in Social Media: MR YOUTH

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