Aging Baby Boomers & Gen Xers May be the Next Core Mobile Gaming Market

Flurry’s look at freemium game play time and money spent by age groups focuses on generations X and Y which in their age categories are people between 25-to-34 (X) and 18-to-24 (Y). However, Flurry’s age groups are actually different from the conventional view of Generation X extends in age range to people who are now in their early to mid-40s. These Gen Xers are mixed in with the lower (younger) age range of baby boomers (late 40s to early 50s) which forms a very interesting 35-to-54 year old age group.

Mobile Freemium Games: Gen Y Plays, but Gen X Pays

This aging group of Boomers+Xers spent a lot less time playing freemium game that Gen Y but spent more money (28% vs. 16%). As these Boomers+Xers cohort group moves to retirement age in what appears to be an unfixable economy, will relatively inexpensive activities like freemium game play supplant traditional high-spend retirement activities like travel and golf? And, will these near future retirees become an even greater force in digital gaming and virtual goods spending?