Agnes Dherbeys Wins Robert Capa Medal from Overseas Press Club

At the bamboo barricades: Detail from one of Agnes Dherbeys’ images of the 2010 anti-government riots in Thailand.

At last night’s Overseas Press Club (OPC) awards dinner in New York, Agnes Dherbeys was awarded the Robert Capa Gold Medal, bestowed annually for “the best published photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise.” Born in Korea, raised in France, and now based in Bangkok, the freelance photojournalist was honored for demonstrating “exceptional courage and enterprise” in capturing images of the massive anti-government protests that turned the Thai capital into a battleground during the spring of 2010. She photographed the nine weeks of civil violence for The New York Times. “I was certainly not expecting to receive the Robert Capa Gold Medal,” said Dherbeys. “As a child in France, I grew up with Capa’s historical images of D-Day. As a photographer, I learn from the legacy of the incredible photojournalists who have been awarded before me.” Two such former OPC winners—war photographers Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros—were honored posthumously at last night’s dinner. They were killed April 20 covering the conflict in Misrata, Libya. “These last few days have been so enduring and intense for all of us,” said Dherbeys. “War or not war, conflict or not conflict, I work among people who keep inspiring me, who don’t compromise and always embrace all the responsibilities incumbent to the profession and life we have chosen.”

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