Air America Launches New Web Site

Air America Media took another step towards becoming more than just a progressive radio network with the relaunch of its Web site this week.

Air America is upping its multimedia offerings with blogs that offer original and aggregated news content 24/7, streaming multimedia and OnDemand content, a clip library and social media tidbits like interactive chats with Air America show hosts and producers. The site now has six new channels: News, Politics, Economy, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Green, as well as a channel called “Really?” for the weirder news stories of the day.

As Air America CEO Bennett Zier and chief digital officer Michael Bassik told us at the site’s launch party last month, the company wants to make the site the homepage for progressive content.

“The new reflects our re-branding strategy, including a newly designed logo to complement the face of our multimedia company,” Zier said in a release about the relaunch.

In his welcome letter, the site’s editor-in-chief Beau Friedlander emphasized the massive amount of content now available — “more than 5,000 audio and video clips and the OnDemand Plus subscription option lets you download full, commercial-free podcasts of your favorite shows” — but said the goals and point of view of Air America remain unchanged. There’s also a call to action:

“Come back to see what we’re up to in the weeks to come as the offering will expand. Poke around. Play with the site. It’s in beta, so there will be issues. Tell us about them! Give us feedback. We hope you’ll make Air America your first stop in the morning.”

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