Airbnb Crowns Fortune’s List of ‘Breakthrough Brands’

It's their world now; we just travel in it.

Have you ever run into foreign visitors in your city or town who are staying at a jaw-dropping Airbnb property and using Uber to get around? We have, and every time, it for us perfectly encapsulates the very real and pragmatic impact of the “sharing economy.”

Another good such snapshot is Fortune magazine’s selection of “10 breakthrough brands.” Here’s how the Time Inc. publication selected the companies:

Fortune surveyed 4,000 consumers and asked them to name the brands that meant the most to them, both overall and across a variety of industries. Editors then sorted the list by industry, category and age to come up with Fortune’s list of companies that, when measured on the basis of how they resonate with consumers, sit side by side with Apple, Coca-Cola, Disney and other mature brands despite being relative babes.

“The 10 names here are new and white-hot; they are all tech companies; and they have all ‘broken through’ to claim space among the giants,” write Fortune’s editors. “All but two of them are less than a decade old. We’ve also shared some other key findings from our survey, like the brands that received the most mentions overall—those that may have broken through decades ago but still register highly in ­consumers’ minds. On that list, Apple trounced everyone else. But it’s the breakthrough brands of today that we find most compelling. These are the ones that are best ­positioned to become the Apples of tomorrow.”

Fortune also has an exclusive excerpt from The Airbnb Story, a book written by Fortune assistant managing editor Leigh Gallagher that is set to arrive Feb. 14. The rest of the book title really says it all: How Three Ordinary Guys Disrupted an Industry, Made Billions… And Created Plenty of Controversy.

The Jan. 1 issue of Fortune hits newsstands today.

P.S. And just to further punctuate the clear-eyed POV of Fortune’s list, in some cases, the Uber guy/gal chauffeuring those aforementioned international visitors is using Waze, playing songs off of Spotify and laughing during the ride as his passengers fashion a Snapchat or Instagram post.

Photo courtesy: Time Inc.

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