Reporter Could Always Count on Al Goldstein for ‘Good Quote’

Even though, as a teen, Lukas I. Alpert (pictured) imagined that Al Goldstein “smelled a bit like the kitchen at the Second Avenue Deli,” a long, indelible partnership would follow his viewings of the Screw magazine publisher’s midnight public access show Midnight Blue.

Alpert, now a Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal reporter based in Moscow, interviewed Goldstein over the years for AP, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. Via a great little Forward Thinking remembrance, Alpert writes that Goldstein could always be counted on for a colorful interview:

Goldstein was one of those guys journalists liked to talk to because, as we say in the newspaper business, “he gave good quote.” I was pleasantly surprised that the prepared obituary I wrote for him at the AP about a decade ago ran all over the country virtually as I had written it.

Alpert leads off his essay with an itemization of Goldstein’s many personality flaws. He also recalls that after finally interviewing the man in person in 2003, a female photographer on assignment with him told the reporter afterward that “it took every bit of her professionalism” not to hit the lecherous senior citizen over the head with her camera. Read the rest of Alpert’s “Al Goldstein and Me” here.

[Photo courtesy: @lalpert1]

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