Al Jazeera America and CPI Partner on Buying of the President 2016

A flagship CPI series returns.

Buying-the-presidentThe Center for Public Integrity brings back its Buying of the President series for the 2016 election cycle, this time partnering with Al Jazeera America on the project to create cross-platform stories on the subject of elections and campaign finance.

While announced today, the two organizations have already been at work on the project, producing two pieces on pro-Bernie Sanders super PACs, as well as a TV spot that aired on AJAM’s Ali Velshi On Target.

Future pieces will continue to throw sunshine on the inscrutable world of super PACs and political non-profits, examining the continued fallout from the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v Federal Election Commission. The series will also go deep into the finances of the presidential candidates, many of whom belong to the one percent club.

It is the first time CPI has partnered with another organization on this series, the creation of CPI founder Charles Lewis, but it is part of a larger pattern of collaboration for the organization in recent years. In just this year, CPI has partnered with both national and local organizations including the Center for Investigative Reporting/Reveal, NBC News, The Post and Courier and The Seattle Times.

Collaborations go a long way in helping distribute resources and costs in labor-intensive investigations. Of Al Jazeera America coming on board for Buying of the President 2016, CPI CEO Peter Bale said in a statement, “It shows media companies respect and are prepared to pay for specialist content and a real partnership.”