Al Kamen’s Retirement Plan

Catching up on some reading and doing a bit of travel, apparently.

After 23 years of being In the Loop for the Washington Post, Al Kamen is retiring, which might bring an end to the In the Loop column.

For more than two decades, Kamen has been the guide to official D.C. Known for his witty and informative style of writing, Kamen was always quick to acknowledge all of D.C.’s absurdities. So what’s next for the Washington institution?

“Just taking some time to decompress, travel (Mexico, Italy), catch up on reading and sleep and then teach and perhaps do a little writing on the side,” Kamen tells FishbowlDC.

And all of that downtime is incredibly well deserved. As the Post’s editors noted in their memo:

He chronicled seemingly every dubious “codel” and got more than a few of them canceled from sheer embarrassment. He even shook the government of Japan when in 2010 he wrote that the “hapless” and “increasingly loopy” Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama was the biggest loser at a Washington summit. “Loopy” suddenly became the popular phrase in Japan and Hatoyama was forced to concede to the Japanese Diet: “As The Washington Post says, I may certainly be a foolish prime minister.” He resigned within weeks.

Kamen’s last column will appear this Friday. His co-columnist, Colby Itkowitz will continue to write for the Post’s Inspirational Life blog. There’s now word on whether In the Loop will continue.

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