Aldiko Now Available in the Amazon Appstore

The best reading app for Android made an appearance in Amazon’s App Store this week, which makes it the second major competitor to the Kindle Android app to show up (Kobo was the first).

Aldiko is widely regarded as the best reading app for Android because it is highly customizable and because it supports buying ebooks from almost all eBookstores. The pickiest aesthete will be able to arrange an eBook’s formatting happily, and is also able to get that eBook from any eBookstore that support’s OPDS.

There are a number of reading apps besides Aldiko and Kobo in the Appstore, including Wattpad,, and lesser reading apps. There are also a number of audiobook apps competing with the Audible app. This might be a surprise if not for the fact that Amazon knows that blocking the competition has a cost greater than the benefit. The public outcry alone make a it a bad idea.

Appstore via Mike Cane

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