ALERT: "10 Best Ways To Cheat On An Exam" Is The Latest Facebook Scam

Just days after we covered a new Facebook Page scam that automatically invites your friends to a misleading Facebook Page, comes a new copycat. While your personal information isn’t at risk, the new exploit automatically sends Facebook Page invites to all your friends (without your permission) and tries to convince them to take a survey which then generates revenue for these scammers. The craziest part of this scam is that it all takes place within Facebook.

In under 24 hours, the Facebook Page “10 Best Ways To Cheat On An Exam” has added close to 100,000 fans and is growing at close to 100 people a minute. It’s pretty clear that the developers behind this scam are extremely advanced. They also have been slowly improving their strategy over months, leveraging Facebook Groups initially, and then expanding on to Facebook Pages.

The reason that the scammers are so dedicated is that there is clearly big money in scamming people. Each survey that the scammers can get a user to complete results in a minimum of $1 for the scammer. If 5 percent of people complete the survey (a relatively high conversion rate), a group like this one could quickly generate $20,000 or more.

While we’d expect Facebook to shut down this group within hours, it’s interesting that it has been taking them so long to pick up on some of these Pages now. Clearly the scammers have recognized how to work around Facebook’s security algorithms. The lesson is this: do not visit the “10 Best Ways To Cheat On An Exam” Faebook Page as it will automatically invite your friends to the Page whether you want to or not.

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