ALERT: Profile Spy scam is Spreading on Twitter

If you’ve seen a tweet claiming to offer you a way to see who has viewed your Twitter profile today, do not click the included link. An attack is currently underway on Twitter, stemming from the rogueware “Profile Spy”.

The IT security firm Sophos caught this rogueware spreading across Twitter mid Monday morning.

There are thousands of affected accounts, each virally spreading the third-party app “Profile Spy” in tweets which look like this:

As Sophos explains, there is absolutely no way to see who has viewed your Twitter profile, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of people from clicking on the links and giving permission to “Profile Spy” to post from their accounts.

If you have given “Profile Spy” access to your account, revoke it immediately.

Otherwise, it will continuously post tweets from your account claiming to offer your followers a way to see who viewed their profiles, spreading quickly and virally across Twitter.

For those users who are caught unaware, “Profile Spy” claims to offer the ability to see who viewed your profile only after you fill out a survey. This is the purpose of this rogue application, like so many others: to get money for the scammers by tricking people into filling out surveys.

If you’ve seen tweets claiming to show you who has viewed your profile, they’re likely scams. You should alert the person who tweeted them that they’ve been duped, and do not click on the included link or allow the rogueware access to your Twitter account. If you’ve already given it access, revoke it immediately.

Profile Spy survey image courtesy of Sophos