ALERT: "SEE VVHO HAS VIEVVED YOU" Is Another Facebook Scam

Another scammer appears to be successfully exploiting users once again. Despite Facebook’s attempts to block it, spam is still spreading fast. Application virality might be dying but having an app or page with the sole purpose of crawling your friends list is still well alive. A few hours ago a Page called “SEE VVHO HAS VIEVVED YOU” has spread to 39,425 and is growing at the pace of 1,000 users a minute.

How it works:

1) You accept a friends suggestion

2) The page encourages you to install javascript (copy and paste) into your web URL bar like a website.

3) A Pop up asking which friends to invite appears. If you select None or Cancel your friends will all be sent invites. If you do not select anything fast enough, your friends will still receive invites (see picture below). It appears to be an effective cross-scripting exploit, however we don’t have the full details.

4) You are then encouraged to take a survey to see the results, accept the “surveys” are actually and

Neither site has accredited surveys and any options to escape the web page bring pop-ups with questions phrased to sound as though the user is doing something bad. The last screen and most viral component is “Would you like to share with your friends?” Even if you click NO every friend will receive an invite.

Last Check: 1:45PST with 43,517 users

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