Alessandra Stanley Switches NYT Channels

Dean Baquet points his chief TV critic in the Robin Leach direction.

AlessandraStanleyPicIf Forbes ever chooses to compile a list of the world’s richest newspaper beats, New York Times chief TV critic Alessandra Stanley will have no trouble finding space on it. After 12 years spent dissecting the most populist of mediums, the NYT vet is moving to a much more rarefied beat.

From today’s announcement by executive editor Dean Baquet:

As part of The Times’s deepening focus on economic inequality in America, she will be creating a new beat: an interdisciplinary look at the way the richest of the rich – the top one percent of the one percent – are influencing, indeed rewiring, the nation’s institutions, including universities, philanthropies, museums, sports franchises and, of course, political parties and government.

This is a subject both intensely timely and well suited to Alessandra’s skills as an observer, reporter and writer – one that has fascinated her, she says, since she wrote about the first generation of Russian oligarchs as a foreign correspondent in the mid-1990s. Now, she’ll be reporting on what she describes as the “psychology, rituals, costs and contradictions” of a new generation of American titans. Her work will add to The Times’ ongoing reporting on inequality in all its forms. More announcements will come on that front.

Stanley had a great lede for her recent coverage of Brian Williams’ mea culpa on The Today Show. Her article began:

He couldn’t say the L word.

[Photo courtesy New York Times; H/T: @KateAurthur]

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