Alex Pareene Apparently a Bigot For Wanting to End Bullying

In an odd post earlier this week, right-wing blogger and former TWT editor Robert Stacy McCain accused Salon‘s Alex Pareene of being a bigot based on a piece Pareene wrote expressly admonishing bigotry.

In response to a Tennessee state legislator who wants to ban public elementary and junior high schools from addressing homosexuality, Pareene wrote that supporters of the bill are “numskulls and bigots.” In state legislatures, he said, “where the national press seldom ventures…these morons are basically able to pass any fool idea.”

McCain didn’t like this. He called the article an audition for a “front-page gig at DailyKos” and said he understands that “Pareene hates him some Republicans. And loves him some gayness.” He also took issue with the Salon story’s last graph, where Pareene jokingly wondered, “Why a man named Stacey [note: the Tennessee legislator’s first name is weirdly also Stacey] would want to make it more difficult to help children who are victims of homophobic bullying.” McCain said he had been “gay-baited.”

Conclusions: So, Pareene doesn’t want to ban talking about homosexuality in public schools, criticizes those who do, and is a “bigot” for doing so. McCain, meanwhile, advocates for the re-institution of “corporal punishment” in the form of paddling to stop bullying. Sounds like Stacy might need that paddling.