Ali Chats about George on ‘The View’

Ali Wentworth, comedian, Oprah correspondent and wife of GMA’s George Stephanopoulos stepped in as a guest host on ABC’s “The View” today.

She was a natural fit with the ladies. She chatted about Kate Gosselin on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” (“Don’t use your kids to get votes,” she hissed),and she attempted to defend the pants-free performance of the ex-Bachelor, Jake Pavelka (“For the ladies with 10 kids it was probably titillating to watch the Bachelor,” she reasoned).

Wentworth told the ladies how her mother laughed and laughed when she told her she was marrying Stephanopoulos. “She can’t believe that somebody like George Stephanopoulos would marry her daughter,” said Wentworth. “And she wept,” said host Joy Behar. To which Wentworth cracked, “I think she wept because it wasn’t her marrying George Stephanopoulos.”