Ali Wentworth Dishes on Going Under Knife

In the January issue of Elle magazine, Ali Wentworth spices up the glossy with a candid, first-person essay about going under the knife to eliminate the satchels underneath her eyes. The wife of ABC “GMA” host George Stephanopoulos never really holds back. The essay shares the same tone as her memoir, Ali In Wonderland: And Other Tall Tales, which released earlier this year. She had her book party at the Four Seasons in Georgetown in early March.

It’s a shocker Wentworth ever made it to the operating table. She writes:

“I am not a vain person. In fact, I should care more. I don’t work out. I bite my nails till they bleed and wait until my dark roots are so grown out that I look like one of those women who hold their Big Gulp in their cleavage and mail their panties to convicts.”

What prompted her to have $7000 eye surgery, otherwise known as a blepharoplasty? Well, a variety of things. One reason involved the “haters” online who often reminded her that her undereye bags were out of control. Another is it’s hereditary; she has had them since her twenties. Her mother also had the surgery. After seeing the results of a friend’s plastic eye surgery, she wrote:

“Instantly I was aware of the fact that the skin under my eyes was starting to resemble a curled up duvet that would soon unfold and cover my face.”

Wentworth mentions her famous husband exactly twice and not by name…She writes, “Afterward, I remember being held up like a drunken sorority girl as a (far too attractive) nurse and my husband pulled me across the marble floor of our lobby.” And later… “My husband was suddenly married to an 80-year-old woman in Yoko Ono glasses.”