All iPad All the Time Even for Blogging

One of my big questions about the iPad before its release was: How good is it’s virtual on screen keyboard? The answer is: Pretty good but not perfect. I’m typing this blog entry on the iPad. I started typing sitting on a couch with the iPad in my lap. But, the flat screen is not ideal for this situation. I have the iPad case folded back in a wedge configuration to provide a slight angle. But, it was not quite enough.

I moved the iPad to a table to continue typing. The iPad case wedge configuration is quite useful in this situation (on a table).

The need to press the “.?123” key to get to numerals and some punctuation slows me down a little. However, I suspect this is an issue that will disappear over time.

I can say that this experience is much better than the virtual keyboard I used on my touchscreen netbook running Windows 7. I do believe, however, that I will use either a physical Bluetooth keyboard or iPad Keyboard Dock for longer sessions of typing/writing.

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