All New Offers Klout Customization, Improved Analytics and Perks for Influencers

While the Twitter inexperienced might flaunt their follower count, those in the know are much more likely to brag about their “influence” – and the standard for influence (as their slogan says) on Twitter is definitely Klout. And while that 43 beside your Twitter profile on might look nice, Klout is making massive changes to its services to give you even more information about what it really means, and how you can improve it. Welcome to the new

The Klout Blog announced a sneak preview of the new for anyone interested. And of course, I had to give it a shot… and so far, I love it.

For starters, your Klout score is now more closely attached to your Klout persona. For instance, Mediabistro’s AllTwitter is an “Activist” – we’ve “got an idea or cause you want to share with the world and you’ve found the perfect medium for it.” And that seems about right. We are all Twitter, all the time over here, and we use Twitter to share what we know.

New to the new Klout are some lovely little graphs that show your Klout influence score over time. It’s quite fun to see what your Klout score was on certain days, and how your own network’s influence levels changed over time. There are also graphs for amplification probability and true reach, two of the main points of measurement used to calculate your overall Klout score.

To get at the data in the charts, the Klout Blog says the team has analyzed more than 3 billion relationships and 250 million pieces of content – impressive!

Something completely new to Klout is “Klout Perks”. It looks like you can use your Klout to get deals on pretty exclusive items and events, like test driving the Audi A8, early screenings of the Adjustment Bureau, and fully loaded HP laptops. It will be interesting to see where this section goes.

All-in-all, if you’re into measuring your Twitter influence, you’ll love the new And if you have no idea what influence is, now is a great time to head over to Klout and try out its new beta interface.