All Proceeds From ‘Japan Needs Heroes’ to go to Disaster Relief

The comic book industry has banded together to raise funds to help the victims of last month’s tsunami and earthquake.

Japan Needs Heroes is going to be a collaborative effort from a dozen or more big names in comics. Industry giants such as Stan Lee, Peter David, Larry Hama, Jimmy Palmiotti, Ron Marz, Amanda Conner, Howard Mackie, Brandon Peterson, and others have volunteered to donate comics to this collection. All proceeds will be donated to the Japan Society  to directly help victims recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunamis that struck Japan on March 11, 2011.

It’s being funded as a Kickstarter project, and it has already exceed the goal of  $10,000 needed to pay for the print run. You can still contribute, and with a donation of $5 or more you will also get a free PDF of the graphic Novel. If you pledge $50, you can even get the novel as a hardback book.