Veteran Journalist Allen McDuffee Launches ‘Governmentality’

For Episode #1 of the podcast, McDuffee spoke with WNYC On the Media host Brooke Gladstone.

Former Washington Post staffer Allen McDuffee is off and running today with a very handsome new project. Along with a weekly podcast, Governmentality is also a website and newsletter. With all strands leading to the intersection of power, politics and ideas.

For Episode #1 of the podcast, McDuffee spoke with American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks and longtime WNYC On the Media co-host Brooke Gladstone. When he asked Gladstone about the 2016 Presidential election, her reply included the following:

“A big part of what we do now is identify patterns… You know, when does somebody like Trump peak and begin to go down. How much attention should you pay to this point in the cycle? Not much! In fact, very, very little.”

“I know the WNYC newsroom would love to see us give them a 20-point about what we’re going to do for election coverage, starting now. And we’ve put them off to November. Don’t make us cover this for more than a year! We have been covering it, of course, the way that you would cover it in the cycle.”

Bravo. McDuffee also has a solid in-kind sponsor, Bombfell. Cleverly, he paid a visit to the clothing startup’s Midtown headquarters and as a result, the mid-episode promo for his debut patron is most dynamic.

All in all, a very impressive kick-off, anchored by McDuffee’s pleasing basso profundo voice. The host, who has also been a regular contributor to Wired and The Atlantic, is working on a book about Washington think tanks. He currently divides his time between New York and D.C.

P.S. McDuffee will be posting a “Podcast Extra” tomorrow featuring more from his conversation with Gladstone.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.