Allvoices Launches 30 Global News Desks

Allvoices announced Friday that it will launch Global News Desks in 30 global cities to further encourage citizen journalism.

Each city, country, and continent has its own landing page, and Allvoices’ algorithm promotes the best of the city page to the country page and the best of the country page to the continent page, with the best of the continent pages ending up on the home page.

Global News Desks were launched in: Baghdad; Beijing; Beirut; Cairo; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Doha, Qatar; Dubai, UAE; Islamabad; Johannesburg; Kolkata, India; London; Manila, Philippines; Nairobi, Kenya; Shanghai; Yerevan, Armenia; and cities in Canada, Iran, Israel, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Turk and Caicos Island, and the United States.

Allvoices chief marketing officer Aki Hashmi said:

Our international news-bureau operation integrates local and regional issues that normally receive little to no media coverage into the greater global conversation. At this point, only 50 percent of the world events are covered by major media. Of that 50 percent, 80 percent feature the Western, developed world. Allvoices is committed to changing this, and our news bureaus are leaping in and filling this void. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.