Alpha Media Group Names A New CEO Who Will Extend The Maxim Brand To SPRING BREAK WOO!

Alpha Media Group, the publisher of Maxim, has a new CEO in Joseph Mangione. Mangione is taking the reigns from Paul Miller, who acted as interim CEO after Stephen Duggan left the position late last year. In fact, AMG has seen something of a merry-go-round where its CEO is concerned, with Mangione acting as the fifth person to be named to the position since Felix Dennis sold the company in August of 2007.

Mangione has worked for AMG before, as CMO, through much of 2007 and 2008. He comes out of “retirement” to take on the role of CEO. Mangione says he plans on talking the company beyond magazine publishing and onto the tequila-glazed lower abdomens of young coeds. Look for the company to “build a major college marketing business,” as Mangione has expressed a keen interest in having “a huge Maxim spring break.”