A Couple of Intriguing Blendle Stats

Co-founder Alexander Klöpping chats with Alphr.

Every so often, now that Dutch-based online content curator Blendle is beta-testing its micropayments-driven service in the U.S., there is an English-language profile of co-founder Alexander Klöpping. And inevitably, somewhere in the piece, the words Netflix, Spotify and-or iTunes are mentioned.

But in today’s article on U.K. site Alphr, contributed by Sirena Bergman, there are also some discussion-worthy numbers. Part of Blendle’s pitch is that users can request a refund if they don’t like what they just paid to read. Klöpping says about 10% of customers take the site up on that guarantee, but that this level of flexibility is also something that helps attract new customers.

In terms of U.S. new customers, the initial traction has been impressive:

While Klöpping wouldn’t share specific numbers, he confirmed they’d had 10,000 sign-ups within the first week, and that they typically make money from one in every five users, so he is very optimistic about the expansion.

Klöpping started his first business at age 16. It was called The Gadget Company and sold electronic items online. He also went on to found the video lectures repository University of The Netherlands.

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