Amazon Adds Android Lock Screen Controls To MP3 Player

Amazon is doing a great job of making Android better. Today Amazon released an update to their MP3 player for Android that adds lock screen controls, which I think makes Android phones much better music players.

The default Android Music app continues to play music when you turn the screen off, but to skip forward to another song you need to turn the phone on, slide the unlock, and open the Music app, which is a lengthy process. In the screenshot you see what appears when you turn the phone on while the Amazon MP3 player is running. You have full access to all of the playback controls as well as see the cover art, song titlle, and artist of the currently playing song.

To access your phone you tap the unlock button in the upper right corner of the screen. The Amazon MP3 playback window disappears and the familiar Android slide to unlock appears and, if enabled, the passcode prompt then appears. You will only see the Amazon MP3 playback controls on the lock screen if a song is playing.

Amazon has also added preset equalizer modes to the MP3 player, which you enable by tapping Menu, Settings. The equalizer mode you select is used for every song that plays until you change the setting. The app also now remembers the last playing song when the phone goes to sleep to allow you to continue playing that song later.

If you have not already installed the update for the Amazon MP3 player, go to the Android Market and check for the update to your apps.

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