Amazon Kindle for PC Beta (Windows) Announced

Image courtesy of Amazon

I have said here many times that I think the Amazon Kindle is still too expensive at $259 for me to consider buying one given how infrequently I read novels (mostly because of time constraints). I’ve been quite happy, however, reading those few novels I do read on an iPod touch (mostly) and iPhone (WhisperSync is great).

It looks like I will have an alternative soon though…

Introducing “Kindle for PC” — The Free Application for Reading Kindle Books on the PC

I wonder what the reading experience is like when reading a novel on, say, a netbook with a 10-inch screen? Amazon says that Kindle for PC will support Windows 7’s touch screen feature (swipe to turn a page). But, it doesn’t say anything about rotating the page orientation – reading in portrait mode on a netbook or notebook.

You can sign up to be notified about the availability of Kindle for PC Beta at…

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