Amazon Kindle Resentment

Kindle and eReader anger is alive and well, from that video to publishing catalogs. Reporter Eric Engleman passed along the video embedded above created by a book designer–a Kindle smashing set to profanity-laden music.

UPDATE: City Lights has responded to this post in a long and thoughtful letter. Yesterday we published a picture of the upcoming City Lights Books catalog–featuring a picture of a mountain of smashed Kindles. Reader reaction was mixed. CNDudley wrote: “Sad. Like monks smashing up printing presses because if they don’t, who will read their illuminated manuscripts?”

Corinthian Books editor Dick Cote left a small essay in the comments section: “As the editor of an independent publishing house and a devotee of fine paper books, I find it very sad that that conventional bricks-and-mortar bookstores are rapidly dying off. Some of the pressure is from deep-discounting major book chains and Amazon; some is from poor management, and the next nail in the coffin will be ebooks. We currently have 25 titles in print in paper, and I LOVE being part of the editorial and design team that created them. But we are now in the process of converting all of them into ebook versions, too.”

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