Amazon Mobile Payments-Perfect for Virtual World Micropayments & Coffee Shops?

Screen windows segment courtesy of Handmark

I know a lot of people who have purchased items from Amazon. And, I can’t think of a single one that has had a bad experience with them. And, the few incidents (like non-delivered items) were taken care of by Amazon’s customer service in some reasonable amount of time. I think it is safe to say that Amazon has earned a healthy degree of trust from its online customers since its online launch in 1995. So, if you as a 21st century mobile shopper were buying from some mobile site, would you feel more comfortable buying from that site if it tied into Amazon’s payment system? I’d guess that many people would say, “yes.” Amazon thinks so too. So, as ReadWriteWeb reports…

Amazon Announces Mobile Payments Service

You can find the details on Amazon at…

Amazon Mobile Payments Service (Amazon MPS)

Both the developer and customer experience looks simple to understand and execute based on the illustrated examples on the site. The optional Multi Use Tokens sounds especially interesting. It lets online merchant sites let a customer allow multiple payments up to a certain amount with an expiration date without requiring multiple logins. This sounds perfect for virtual world micropayments or real world coffee shops.

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